Painting as a means of expressing my emotional world on a higher level
"There was a time when he considered himself as a traveller more than anything else. Since then he returned home and reevaluated his life. His experiences and thoughts were cleared out and became mature enough to share them with others who love to live life with happiness similarly to him."

The artist's statement

...I have always admired those people, artists who understand the language of the instruments, who with tunes and texts can express their emotions and themselves on higher level than everyday speech. They can share moods. Those have message, something to say to the people of today, and if some of them do not communicate deep thoughts or feelings "only" five minutes pleasure, I would say it was worth it!

By using a brush I'm trying to grasp, compose and transmit everything I see, feel or experience, the way I see the world. If my pictures presented to the public gave only a five-minute of pleasure to only one person it was worth it.

It is wonderful to be a Human with a possibility to capture the people's soul and lift it from the boring weekdays, get it fly through time and space. An artist can do it with a variety of artistic tools. The viewer may forget the gloom for a while and enter a more colorful world.

>>> Report from the website of Television of Szombathely