Wherever I have lived, I found the opportunity to create everywhere.

About Me

I started to travel in 1998 at the age of 25.
A new world was opened before me as if it would have been a different dimension to a country boy like me.

Over the past 10 years I was in quite a few places including deserts or metropolises which inspired me to paint even nowadays. I lived in Israel, New Zealand and Scotland, too. I opened up my mind before the sights and I wanted to accept almost everything. I thought I've discovered God's face in the beauty of the created Earth. I felt I could embrace or grasp it only by painting.

...The world has been accelerated around us and our lives with it as well. Sometimes I have to pay attention to myself so that I wouldn't be part of the stream. One of the objectives of my paintings is to encourage people to stop. Forget about their hectic lives for a moment and travel with me to the world as I see it. I strive for simplicity and clarity with my realist style. I do not want to urge my audience to think, but let their eyes and soul rest on the painting.