My private life

I believe I've settled and I'm happy, too. God gave me a wonderful wife and children, and now they're my home where I belong to. Not so long ago the "Big World" was the place where I really felt at home, but that's another way of life that I had to leave behind. I don't regret. It is well known that changes are necessary in our lives. Without changes, there is stasis after a while.

I love how the life passes, go ahead. There was time to settle. I built a house, I have a small land, animals, and we planted trees, which I would like to see them growing.

I think the growth of trees is wonderful and it's great to monitor it meanwhile you can realize the passing years. In this case I consider the results either successes or failures of the past. Though I do not just live in the past, the future is more important, because we also have aims and desires.

One of my favorite philosophies of life is not only living for the moment and joy but also a purposeful, disciplined life taking responsibility for our actions, speech and thoughts.

I think it does not matter whether we'll be rich or not. The main question is whether we'll remain people of honor not depending on our financial status. When the time comes and we have to say good bye to the earthly existence we should not be ashamed. On the contrary, committing yourself feel free and proud to look into the eyes of the Eternal, and you can say "I did it".