Earlier I didn't advise to anyone the kind of travel that I did. I thought it was like a drug, people become addicted and it's hard to stop it. I based on my own experience; probably 'travel' means something else for you.

The point is that I was crazy about visiting new places spending some time there - sometimes a few days, sometimes half a year - and then moving on. I wanted to explore the whole world. I spent a lot of time on the seashore. There was time when I rented an accommodation next to the ocean so that I could walk, sit and contemplate early in the morning every day. I took lots of photos of the shore, the waves and the rocks. I tried to memorize them possibly for a lifetime. I usually came home to Hungary for a short time and after a while I had to go again.

I enjoyed the cosmopolitan life while I tried to remain a PERSON who does not dive in drugs or other addictions like so many others around me, but be interested in culture, history or geography of a certain nation. I loved getting to know the locals, visiting their homes and learning about their living conditions and habits...

My favorite guidebook series was the Lonely Planet. Sometimes during a trip, I got off the plane and went to the first bookstore to buy a copy of that country. It's written mainly for backpackers and not for wealthy tourists who arrive at the airport with a case and go on by taxi to pre-booked hotel rooms. I always looked for the cheapest backpackers or hostels for which this guidebook is a great help. Each "tourist hostel" has a special feeling with their rooms and shared kitchens where everyone can cook for themselves or friends. I liked these run-down areas. These are friendly, an excellent way to get acquainted. Sometimes after a hard day, I sprawled on the couch in the common living room, if it was free, and started to study the place in my new book.

I often rented a bike on the spot to see the sights. It's much faster to overcome the distance than walking and cheaper than the "tourist method" (taxi, bus, rent a car), or just for the sake of cycling.

In my opinion it's more exciting and richer to travel in the world this way than through a travel agency, because I can organize everything on the spot. This improvising method doesn't work well in package tours since those require more organization and preparation.

It happened not only once that I arrived tired; the backpack quite pulled my shoulder and I had to find accommodation. It was hard to negotiate a low price then cooking something and maybe washing my clothes before going to bed because a traveler can't carry too many.

Once it was getting dark in the streets of Cairo when I arrived. I bought a heavy bag around my neck to find a place for sleep in the downtown. I went from one hostel to another till I found the one that suited me. Finally I had strength only to lie down. Next morning I woke up fresh, full of excitement because I did not know what was going to happen...

It's fantastic that this thrill remained for years whenever I travelled to a new place and hopefully it has remained for good.